From the seasoned one…

Per Ailee Nolitari’s request, today’s writing tip!

Have you ever been working on a story and suddenly find yourself stuck on a scene?  You know what you want to happen after, but man, are you stuck trying to find a way to get yourself there.  So you sit for a day, maybe two, maybe a week, cursing the muse who seems to have left you sitting on a rock twiddling your thumbs?

I have a question for you.  Have you ever considered just leaving that scene behind for the time being and writing out that scene that is rumbling around in your head clear as day?

Today I’m going to try to lure you to the dark side!

When I started writing, I didn’t read any ‘how to’ books…I just started writing.  It never occurred to me to write in order from beginning to end.  In fact, I’ve never written anything from beginning to end.  It was only after I started talking to new friends I met through that I learned most writers do work a story from beginning to end.  They, in turn, were blown away by the idea that sometimes a story comes out a lot easier if you just start working on the areas you know.

For example, my current in-progress story, I wrote out the end first then the beginning and am now working in the middle.  But even in the middle, I’m working on different sections at various times.  I write out whatever scene is firmly in my head that day.

So my challenge to those that are stuck waiting for the muse to return is to try something a little different.  Move ahead to that scene that’s playing out in your head, over and over like a television re-run!  Just leave a space with a note for that scene that you need to fill in.

The only way past writer’s block is to write!

Until next time…


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