From the seasoned one…

Today, I’m going to borrow from Chuck Wendig, a man with some truly awesome advice for inspiring writers.  From his list, “25 Things I Want To Say To So-Called “Aspiring” Writers.”

#8 – Finish Your Shit
“I’m just going to type this out a dozen times so it’s clear: Finish your shit.  Finish your shit.  Finish your shit.  Finish your shit.  Finish your shit.  Finish your shit!  FINISH YOUR SHIT.  Finish.  Your.  Shit.  Fiiiiniiiish yooooour shiiiiit.  COMPLETO EL POOPO.  Vervollständigen Sie Ihre Fäkalien!  Finish your shit.”

The reason I picked this particular bit is to cover another one of my biggest pet peeves of fanfiction.  Unfinished stories.  Fanfiction is full of them!  It’s one of the reasons why I will no longer read a story until it is finished.  I’ve been disappointed far too many times by an awesome story that goes unfinished.

It is also the reason why I almost never post a story until I have finished writing it.  I refuse to do something to the fans of my writing that irritates me horribly.  So to reiterate what Chuck said so wisely, finish your stories!

For the full list of Chuck Wendig’s fabulous advice, go to the following site:


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