From the seasoned one…

Today’s tip:

Today, I’m starting out with a question for you.  “If a writer doesn’t care about their story, why should we?”

This is an argument I’ve had with friends and fellow writers many times.  It came from deliberately posting stories riddled with errors.  At the time, a friend of mine made the comment, “Who cares?  It’s fanfiction.”

My view is that anything you post should be the best you can possibly make it.  Maybe you aren’t the best writer or the best speller.  Maybe you’ve used the wrong words (ie: they’re vs. their vs. there).  Maybe you don’t know all the grammar rules.  Maybe you are like me and you’ve broken every rule of writing known to man at some point in your writing career.  So maybe your stories have errors.  The point is to fix the mistakes you know about before posting something new.

I know if you look at my early stuff, you’ll find problems with it all over the place.  But as I’ve learned how to write, the errors became less and less.  I care what my stories look like.  While I won’t go back and revise the old stuff (there is over 30 of them after all, I’d never write anything new), I don’t keep making the same mistakes on the new stuff once I’ve learned that I was making a mistake.

As a writer, you have to care.  Because if you don’t care, why should anyone else?  Why should anyone read your story if you don’t care that it’s full of errors and you know about them?

Do the best you can with every story and remember, writing is a learning process that we all go through.

Until next time…


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