From the seasoned one…

Today’s tip, when a title isn’t a title.

Or as a subtitle, when should you capitalize a title?  Keep in mind, I’m not an English major, so hopefully I won’t mess this up too much.  But a common mistake in fanfiction writing is to capitalize what is essentially a description as a title.

For example.  The Princess of Arus.  Commander Keith Kogane of Galaxy Garrison.  These are titles, and as such, the primary words should be capitalized.

*Note: I realize there are arguments about capitalizing the word “of” in titles, but that’s not the topic of this blog.

But in a paragraph where someone is using what looks like a title as a description, then it shouldn’t be capitalized.

For example:  Walking into the room, Keith found the princess sitting behind her desk.  In this sentence, the princess isn’t a title, it’s more of a description, therefore it shouldn’t be capitalized.  As I said, you see it a lot in fanfiction where people are describing a person, the commander, the doctor, the princess, the advisor…unless you are referring to them by title (The Princess of Arus), don’t capitalize it.

Until next time…


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