From the seasoned one…

Here’s one from the request lines…acquiring reviews.

Miss CubbieBerry (@cubbieberrie) asked me an interesting question the other day.  She started out by telling me that my new story on fanfiction generates reviews from people who don’t normally review other Voltron stories.  Her question was, “How do you get more people to review?”

Now, I really don’t have a good answer for how to generate good reviews from your readers.  When I look at my statistics, I always have way more readers than I do reviewers.  I generally think if the story is good and people have something they want to say about it, they will without needing a prompt.  But what I’ve noticed is a lot of fanfiction writers start each chapter practically begging for reviews.

So my answer back to Cubbie was, don’t ask for them.  I don’t know about other people, but I find writers begging for reviews a bit off putting.  It’s like they have a lack of confidence in their own writing and are asking for others to give them the ego boost to keep going. That and to me, the point of writing and posting a chapter should really be that you, as a writer,  just want to share your story and aren’t looking for accolades to keep you going.

Yes, good reviews are enjoyable and do give you a bit of an ego boost.  I’m the first to admit that, but it shouldn’t be the point of your writing.  So my final answer will be, write a good story and the reviewers will come to you.  If they don’t, keep going and advancing your abilities as a writer and don’t worry about it.  Good things comes to those who wait!

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