I’m a systems administrator by day, living and breathing computers.  Evenings are spent writing and chatting with friends.  I started writing fanfiction for Voltron in 2008 and have since moved onto writing my own novels.  Not published yet, but will look at that option when I feel I’m at the right level in my writing.  For now, still enjoying writing and occasionally re-visiting the Voltron universe that first inspired my writing.

This blog was started when other fanfiction writers started asking me for bits of advice. This is not professional advice and never should be construed as such.  Use it, don’t use it, ignore it, call it total sh*t, whatever you want.

Side note:  “From the seasoned one…” comes from a running joke with my fanfiction friends that have asked advice from “a seasoned fanfiction writer.”

Twitter handle = @smertz74
Fanfiction profile site = https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1708514/Mertz

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