In progress

I’ve written over thirty Fanfiction stories for Voltron under the name of Mertz since I started writing in 2008.  While I am not an expert on writing or publishing, a few friends have called me seasoned.  Man I am starting to feel old.  Below is a list of works I’m still working on and hope to one day finish.

Voltron Fanfiction:

  • HEA- Lost Princess  – a Voltron Anniversary story I’m working on.  Continues where Happily Ever After: Sodalis Vitae leaves off, still based on Defender of the Universe cartoon and deviates where I feel necessary.

Original Novels:

  • Seer – Completed outside of a good edit.  Audrey’s life is forever changed when she discovers she is a seer, one of those few who has the capability of knowing when a vampire is around.  The quiet school teacher disappears forever as she joins the Hunters in pursuit of the vampires who would see her dead.
  • Seer 2 (working title).  Continuation of Seer.  Audrey’s brother joins his sister in the hunt for the vampires who would see them dead.
  • System Failure – Modern day romance novel
  • Nobility Trilogy – Duchess  – A chance meeting lands Lady Adrienne in the arms of Nicholas Tyrone, the Duke of Somerset when she needs someone the most.  Can two strangers find happiness in a marriage neither of them contemplated?
  • Nobility Trilogy – Countess – Lady Charisse Stafford has never felt so desperate in her life.  It is her third and final season.  If she doesn’t find a suitor by the end of it, she will be stuck as an old maid, forced to watch her younger, prettier sisters live their lives.  Desperate times call for desperate measures and Lady Charisse decides to go after Lord Gabriel Hemingford, Earl of Harrington, a known rake and the best friend of the Duke of Somerset, her best friend’s husband.  Will she find love in time?
  • Nobility Trilogy – Princess – Lady Mary Tyrone, eldest daughter of the Duke of Somerset is about to turn eighteen and discovers a secret about her past that her father has kept from her.  Her life will intersect with Prince Dmitri Aslanov & his sister, Irina, as she learns the secrets kept from her and the consequences they have on everyone.

One thought on “In progress

  1. Hello SMertz,
    I think you’re an excellent writer and I read all of your Voltron Stories. I’m hoping one day you will do a continuation for Unearthy Secrets and Without a memory. I believe Cat told lance on their wedding night she was pregnant.

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